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  Facebook Video Views
Facebook Video Views are premium quality as these are views coming from real people - like yourself! It's a perfect way to reach worldwide audience with minimal budget. Our views are NON-DROP and 100% safe to any type of video content. No admin access is needed - just provide the link to your facebook video during PayPal checkout.
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  • Your video must be compliant with Facebook Terms of Service and Copyright Policies
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Package Discount Price Delivery
5,000 views 0% 5$ 1-2 days
10,000 views 5% 9.5$ 1-2 days
20,000 views 10% 18$ 1-2 days
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1,000,000 views 45% 550$ 1-5 days
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   Facebook fanpage, post and photo likes
Facebook likes and fanpage likes are delivered from different countries (worldwide). All your fans and likes will come from real and active Facebook accounts and are protected with 30 day free refill warranty. No admin access is needed - just provide the link to your facebook fanpage or facebook post or facebook photo during PayPal checkout. Requirements:
  • Facebook photo or post: must be public, with no adult content
  • Facebook fanpage: during promotion shouldn't be in Music, Adult or Band categories (switch to any other category temporarily). After promotion is delivered - feel free to switch back.
Package Discount Price Delivery
100 likes 0% 3$ 1-2 days
200 likes 5% 5.7$ 1-2 days
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Package Discount Price Delivery
500 followers 0% 7$ 2-4 days
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3,000 followers 5% 39$ 5-10 days
4,000 followers 10% 50$ 6-12 days
5,000 followers 10% 63$ 7-14 days
7,000 followers 10% 88$ 8-16 days
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10,000 followers 15% 119$ 12-24 days
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