Frequently asked questions
1. What is SubMeNow?
SubMeNow is a free and easy tool that brings real subscribers to any YouTube channel in a few minutes every 24 hours. SubMeNow is supported by a team of IT professionals and is based in California, USA.
2. How does SubMeNow work?
  1. User signs in with YouTube account, accepts Terms and Conditions, authorizes SubMeNow to make subscriptions using user's YouTube channel (takes about 30 seconds).
  2. User clicks the "Subscribe Me Now" button (about 10 seconds).
  3. SubMeNow subscribes accounts of other SubMeNow users to the current account (1-24 hours).
  4. SubMeNow subscribes current account to accounts of other SubMeNow users (1-3 minutes).
  5. That's it! User can see how many subscriberssubscriptions were generated by your YouTube channel. Timer is showing how much time left till the moment when user can use SubMeNow again.
3. Why SubMeNow is a safe and secure website?
  1. Sign in is secured by YouTube API Google data API.
  2. Thanks to YouTube API, SubMeNow do not need to keep any secure information in the database (login, password, etc.)
  3. SubMeNow keeps your email only to notify when you can get new subscribers again (only if you've requested notifications).
4. Is sub4sub approach legal?
YouTube Terms of Service do not forbid sub4sub and allow you to subscribe your channel to any other channels you like.
5. How can I get free YouTube subscribers?
  1. Sign in with YouTube account you want to get subscribers to. Authorize SubMeNow to have offline access to your channel. SubMeNow needs this access to validate sub4sub subscribers exchange process.
  2. Accept SubMeNow Terms and Conditions.
  3. Choose your plan (Free, Jet or Rocket) and click the "Subscribe Me Now" button. Rocket plan is available for users who have used Jet plan at least 10 times.
  4. SubMeNow will create a list of channels you need to subscribe in a few seconds. For every channel, you will need to subscribe it manually (by clicking YouTube button and doing it one more time in a new browser tab that will open after you do it first time). If you don't see YouTube button click Skip button to go to the next channel to subscribe. If you see YouTube button but you can't click it (hint suggests that you need to Sign In first) than do the following: open a new tab in a browser, go to and click Sign In button. Sign in with the channel you would like to get subscribers to. Than switch back to the SubMeNow browser button and reload the page. You should see the YouTube button.
  5. After every subscription you manually make in a new YouTube browser tab, you need to close that tab and at SubMeNow browser tab click Verify button. If you have subscribed to the channel, the page will reload automatically and you will see the next channel you need to subscribe to.
  6. That's it! After successful subscription to all the channels SubMeNow you will see a confirmation dialog saying how many subscribers you will get during the next 24 hours. SubMeNow will also remind you when you can get your free YouTube subscribers next time by email if you check this option in a dialog.
6. How many subscribers can I get?
  1. Free plan will give you 5 subscribers / day, this is about 150 subscribers / month, 1825 subscribers / year.
  2. Jet plan will give you 10 subscribers / day, this is about 300 subscribers / month, 3650 subscribers / year.
  3. Rocket plan will give you 15 subscribers / day, this is about 450 subscribers / month, 5475 subscribers / year.
  4. Bronze plan will give you 20 subscribers / day, this is about 600 subscribers / month, 7300 subscribers / year.
  5. Silver plan will give you 40 subscribers / day, this is about 1200 subscribers / month, 14600 subscribers / year.
  6. Gold plan will give you 80 subscribers / day, this is about 2400 subscribers / month, 29200 subscribers / year.
As your subscribers are real people that can violate our terms and unsubscribe later, we can't guarantee you any number of subscribers per day. You can loose some of your subscribers later. To protect your subscribers we automatically ban members that violate the rules.
7. How often can I use SubMeNow?
Once a day (24 hours). If you switch to Gold, Silver or Bronze plans, you will not need to spend your time visiting SubMeNow every day and will get subscribers automatically until your promotion expires.
8. How can I be sure that I will not lose my subscribers?
Due to SubMeNow Terms and Conditions, users who unsubscribe from the channels are banned automatically and will not be able to use SubMeNow again. This policy protects your channel subscribers, but does not guarantee that all your subscribers will stay with your channel forever.
9. How can I close my SubMeNow account? What happens next?
  • Sign in to your SubMeNow account.
  • Click the button "Close" in the right top.
  • Click the button "Yes".
After you delete your SubMeNow account, you will not loose subscribers, and your YouTube channel will remain active. You will not be able to register the same channel at SubMeNow again.
10. My SubMeNow account is banned. How can I unlock it again?
Users who unsubscribe from any channels are banned at SubMeNow. There's no way you can remove ban from your SubMeNow account. If you haven't unsubscribed and think that your account was banned mistakenly please contact the support team and include your SubMeNow account ID into the request.
11. What is SubMeNow refund policy?
Every package offered by SubMeNow has different refund policy which is available at the same page where you order it. For example, SubMeNow Gold Silver Bronze packages are offering 3 days risk free period when you can request 100% refund for any reason. For any period more than 3 days you can get pro-rated refund based on how many days you've been using SubMeNow plan (for example, if you've purchased 1 month plan and requested refund after 15 days, you'll get half of the package price back). If you have any specific question please email us, we will be happy to answer it within a day.
12. My question is not answered here. Where can I get help?
Please email your question to [email protected]. Also please include your SubMeNow Account ID so we can locate your account quickly.
13. I don't want anyone to know I'm using SubMeNow. How do I hide my channel?
Sign In and click the "Settings" button. Uncheck the option "Show my channel at the Home, Charts, Results pages", click the "Save" button. Now your privacy is protected and instead of your channel SubMeNow logo will be shown on all pages. Also there will be no link to your channel.
14. Why I'm loosing subscribers?
Two reasons. Some people violate SubMeNow rules and unsubscribe. We ban them and they can't use SubMeNow again. Also for some channels (randomly chosen) YouTube doesn't count sub4sub subscribers and include only people who really watched your video in the total subscribers count.
15. My channel has less views then subscribers. Why can't I use SubMeNow?
If your channel has more subscribers than views it doesn't look natural because usually people first watch videos, than subscribe. This is why SubMeNow doesn't allow you get more subscribers until you get more views. Remember than you can easily buy views with a lifetime warranty.
16. I don't have a PayPal account. Can I pay with my debit or credit card?
Yes, you can! On the PayPal checkout screen under the sign in form, there's a big button "Pay with online bank account, debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit". Just click it.
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