The popularity and huge traffic generated on YouTube have made the platform a top choice for marketers but YouTube marketing comes with its challenges. YouTube is an excellent platform to train and provide information to viewers as well as for improving brand visibility and recognition. The views generated by your channel will indicate to YouTube algorithms that viewers are engaging with your video content.

Generating views can increase the visibility of your videos and the possibility of reaching a wider audience. This will help you generate more subscribers and increase the popularity of your YouTube channel. Your views on YouTube is also a requirement for SEO on Google. When your videos generate more views on YouTube, it will begin to rank higher on search engines, which will ultimately boost its engagement and visibility.

Below are tips that can be easily implemented to increase the views of your YouTube videos.

Upload engaging video contents

The most important thing is to always guarantee that the videos you upload provide value, engaging, and compelling to your audience such that they can subscribe to your channel for more. Valuable video contents go beyond educational content, product description, or tutorial videos. You can also offer valuable content by publishing videos that would entertain your audience. Be creative with your videos and your YouTube subscribers will always want more from you.

You can connect your videos with the trending topics in your niche. This method can generate more views for your videos even though you might not be able to do this every time. 

Engaging videos go beyond just the video script. It is very important that you upload high-quality video contents that would be appreciated by your audience. This might require the appropriate equipment for shooting, editing, and publishing videos.

Optimize the title and description of your channel.

Your videos would require a title and a description, particularly for search engine ranking. Ensure that your titles and descriptions are infused and optimized with important keywords and do not leave out crucial details that will be initially seen by your audience. Old videos can be re-optimized by modifying the description and the titles and provide more clarity by adding links and timestamps. Manually add the keywords and include the valuable information your target audience stands to enjoy watching your videos. Avoid the use of clickbait on your titles as they can limit your ranking on search engines.

Use tags

Tags are also very effective for ranking higher on search engines and can help you generate additional views and subscribers. When using tags, use long-tail keywords as well as board and focused tags but always remember not to overuse them. Ensure that the first tag is your target keyword.

Select an appropriate thumbnail

On YouTube, several video contents are available to your subscribers in real-time. Therefore, you need attention-grabbing contents that would make it worth their time watching your videos. Choose a thumbnail that can compel your audience to watch your videos and make you stand out from other competitors. You need to select the perfect thumbnail that would accurately portray your video entails and complement the title and description of your content.

Develop transcripts for your video

If you are serious about generating more views for your YouTube videos, it is important that you make them easily understood by different people from different locations all over the world. You can include a transcript that would stand as a subtitle to your video by using a closed caption. This can be effective in improving the visibility of your videos to a wider audience irrespective of their languages. Your brand might begin to grow as your video reaches more audience.

Take advantage of guest appearances and influencers

You can generate massive views to your YouTube videos by introducing guest appearances from prominent figures in your industry or taking advantage of the impact of influencer marketing. Guest personalities can provide insights that relate to your industry and offer valuable information to your audience through your video.

Influencers have a large group of committed and loyal followers on your page who trust them and consider them as role models. Introducing influencer marketing can easily boost the visibility and reach of your brand to a wider audience. Therefore, whenever influencers suggest a brand or product, their followers would be easily converted and this would generate more views and conversion for your business.

Utilize end screens and cards

End screens and cards are features on YouTube that can be included in your video and help direct your viewers to the next content. This feature is very effective in generating more views to other video content available on your channel or even playlists that have been created. It can also encourage your viewers to engage with other videos available on your channel.

YouTube Analytics can help provide insights into the most appropriate time that cards can be included in your videos. You can include cards in periods where you discover a drop in your YouTube views and direct your viewers to check out other videos that can engage and keep them on your channel rather than leaving your channel.

Choose auto-play for embedded videos

YouTube provides the option of choosing auto-play for embedded videos. This would automatically play the video once your audience begins to navigate YouTube. However, this feature should be used with caution as most viewers can easily get pissed off. The auto-play feature can be used for educational videos to help your viewers instantly begin the tutorial or gain insights into your brand.

Create playlists

 Including playlists can help you generate more views to your YouTube channel. Playlists will enable your subscribers to watch the next video automatically after it ends. Playlists can be embedded into your channel and can also generate more views whenever it is shared by your audience. This feature is ideal when you have a collection of video contents that follow logically and can take your audience on a pathway where they can easily move through a series of videos.

Be a professional in your industry

If you intend to generate more views to your YouTube videos, you need to prove to your audience that you are a professional in a particular industry. You should be updated with the latest trends in the industry, offer valuable insights, advice, and support to your viewers through your videos. Also, you need to represent and remain active in that industry. This implies that you need to regularly communicate with others, provide high-quality content and be an active member of a community in that industry.

Promote your brand on different social media platforms

It is important to have a social media presence on different platforms if you want your business to fully take advantage of its benefits. So, if you intend to generate more views on YouTube and scale your business, cross-promotion of your videos on different social media platforms is essential. Don’t forget to add the description and link to your YouTube videos whenever you upload new content on platforms where your audience might eventually watch it. This will introduce your YouTube channel to your followers which they would subscribe to and follow your uploads. This is effective in boosting your brand visibility, awareness and YouTube views as they begin to share your videos among their followers.

Establish a relationship with genuine YouTube subscribers

If you intend to build and maintain your YouTube channel for a long time, you need to go beyond uploading high quality, valuable videos. You need to establish a relationship with your audience in order to earn real YouTube subscribers. Communicate with them and provide on-time response to their inquiries. Request for feedback and make sure it is acknowledged. Also, you can offer giveaways or run contests to grab the interest of your audience. If you want to keep them glued to your channel, you need to create something of value that really addresses their pain points and keeps them coming back for more. Excellent products or services can generate conversion and sales but what makes your brand stand out among other competitors is customer loyalty. You will begin to generate more views to your YouTube channel when you gain more real subscribers.

Wrap Up

Although, generating more views for your YouTube channel might be quite difficult, however, putting the techniques highlighted in place together with the patience needed to generate results will be beneficial for your brand in the future.