The most crucial component of a Business is Growth. No matter if the business is large or small, it looks for chances to market and develop itself. They try to make sure that they stay in the competition and they don’t lose their market. There are a variety of methods that businesses employ to grow. The big companies invest in advertisement whereas, the most challenging aspect for small businesses is to find investment.

Over the last few years, things have drastically changed around the world. Digital media is now leading each and every business, from entertainment and news to advertising and education. In 2005, YouTube was introduced and developed as a promotional and marketing forum. This platform turned out to be a blessing for many several businesses, small and large. Each day, millions and billions of YouTube subscribers benefit from this forum.

YouTube has made its place in the heart of many YouTube subscribers around the world. Content creators, due to their endless support and creative content became an essential component of the forum. Their content increased YouTube views that in turn increased the frequency of users throughout years. To support the content creators and users of the platform, YouTube introduces numerous new features every year. A variety of recently introduced features for the creators and users of YouTube are.

For the Content Creators

Recently YouTube has introduced four new features for the content creators. These features that has been recently launched were reviewed in the fresh volume of ‘Creator Insider’ by YouTube. They were introduced to lift the video quality and enable the creator to increase the quality of their channel. Here are some of the newest features that creators can use to their maximum advantage.

Know When Your Audience is Available

This feature is the first out of the rest that YouTube introduced in April of the year 2020. It was first available for a limited review, but later it was released on all the channels. This feature allows the creator to have access to the information that enables creators to know the timings when their audience is available on the channel. It specifies which time of the day or week your audience is the most active and engaged on the channel. This feature helps them know when to broadcast their videos for maximum YouTube views. It enables the channels and creators to post their content at a time when they can get the maximum views and engagement. Although this feature appears to help increase the views, YouTube has declared that it might not be a really good strategy.

Review and Moderate Inappropriate Comments

One of the most essential parts of YouTube is comments. It allows the creator to see that their viewers have feedback and opinion to share. But not everyone has a similar opinion or feedback to give. While some may encourage you and praise your efforts, others might have something inappropriate to say that can compromise the quality of the channel. Since the ‘Hold Inappropriate Comments for Review’ feature was launched, there was a 75% drop in the flagged comments on YouTube. Previously, it was the user’s choice to flag comments as inappropriate when the contents were sent for review. In the latest feature, it is included in the default setting to ‘Hold ill-suited comments’ for the creator to review. It is introduced to improve the overall quality of the channel by managing the comments on the channel or videos. The feature is now available for use by all the content creators. When the creator changes the settings to default, a notification will pop up on the YouTube Studio indicating that the settings are successfully changed. YouTube is now focusing on introducing 13 new languages to enhance the precision in flagging ill-suited comments. 

Plan Community Posts

The YouTube application has been continuously making improvements in the services it provides to the users. Every feature that it introduces is the result of the user’s demand and request. YouTube pays attention to the valuable feedback of its user and considers it as the most valuable component of their development. One of such features is the facility to plan community posts. This feature is now present on the desktop’s main web application. It enables the video creators to make up a community poll to set out a publishing date. This feature was also introduced on request by the video creators. 

Video Chapter

‘Video Chapter’ is another integral feature that YouTube is all set to introduce now. It enables the video creators to divide their videos into several chapters. Breaking a video into chapters improves and enhances the experience of the audience. If you plan on using the feature, make sure you add a timestamp to your video. Also, ensure that the initial one begins at 0:00. Also, it is essential to know that the video must at least have three chapters. The length of each chapter should be more than ten (10) seconds. There is also an option of withdrawing from this feature if you do not want to use it.  

For YouTube Users

Creators are not the only one responsible for the development of YouTube. Users are incredibly important too. Without them, YouTube wouldn’t have developed the way it did. Also, thanks to the YouTube subscribers for their support. Some of the features that YouTube introduced for its users to improve the users experience are.

Video Chapter

The newest ‘Video chapter’ feature not only benefits the creators but also enhances the user’s experience. By using this feature the viewers can conveniently hop to a particular part of the video or re-view a specific part if they want. This feature is available to all YouTube users. The list of the chapters is added in the ‘chapter list’ that can be accessed by clicking on it. It does not only save the time of the user but also enhances the video experience greatly. 

Simplified Video Player

YouTube continues to make changes to grow. Almost every year it comes with new features that facilitates its audience. One of the changes is the repositioning of the CC or caption button to the upper side of the player for better accessibility. This change makes it more readily available and prominent for the users. Also, users can easily switch it according to their needs. The AutoPlay button is also replaced along the Caption Button. It is now located alongside the caption button at the top. This change is made to make sure that the viewers find it easily instead of rummaging through the video player to search it.   

Gesture Control

User experience plays an essential role in the success of an application. To enhance the viewers experience, YouTube has introduced the feature of ‘gesture control’ in their applications. This new feature allows the user to have more authority over their videos. The users can now easily quit the full screen by swiping the screen upwards or downwards. By swiping up, the video will play horizontally and by swiping down, the video continues to play in a vertical mode. Also, clicking on the timestamp enables the user to switch backward and forward in the video.   

Recommended Actions

Numerous features of YouTube applications are still to be discovered by users. Being informed about every feature of the application can be difficult for a lot of people, mainly people who are uninformed about technology. To improve the overall viewer experience, YouTube has also introduced the ‘Suggested Action’ feature. This new feature enables the viewers to start a video in Virtual Reality or turn the screen round for a better viewing experience. For example, if a video that you are watching can be watched better horizontally, you will see a sign appearing on the screen that will ask you to Rotate. These recommendations can also be disabled by tapping on the cut (x) button that appears alongside the on-screen suggestion. Currently, only some suggestions are displayed on the screen, YouTube is planning on expanding them. 

Bedtime Reminders

YouTube is addictive for many of us. It’s almost impossible for viewers to stop when they start watching. As a user, you may get so engrossed in the video that you like and continue to watch it without realizing the time. YouTube solved this problem by introducing the YouTube Bedtime Reminders feature. This feature reminds the user that you have been watching videos for hours, and now you should stop watching them. These bedtime reminders can be easily adjusted according to your need and convenience. This feature can also remind you about the break that your eyes need. 

YouTube continuously offers updates on existing features. Annually it comes up with latest ones to improve the overall experience of the users and creators. YouTube subscribers can get advantage of all the latest features for their benefit. They are released by YouTube to support their valuable users, subscribers, and creators. It enables the creators to provide users with a better experience, which will benefit the viewers, users as well as YouTube.